Center for Social and Behavioral Research


Research Assistants

Research assistants have opportunities to increase their knowledge of social research methodology and data analysis in an applied setting. They are involved in many stages of the research process including conducting literature searches and reviews, coding and entering data, assisting with the design and implementation of various types of surveys, performing data analysis using SPSS and other statistical analysis software, and assisting in report preparation and oral presentations.

Current Graduate Student Research Assistants:  

Matthew Gunderson, Psychology M.A. student

Lacie Hines, Psychology M.A. student

Taylor Sloan, Psychology M.A. student


Current Undergraduate Research Assistants:

Sabrina Conway, Spanish major

Kody Mullen, Political Science & Criminology major


Students also comprise the overwhelming majority of our telephone interviewing staff.  Each year, more than 50 students are trained and work on a variety of telephone data collection projects at the CSBR.