Center for Social and Behavioral Research


Telephone Research Interviewers

Annually, 50+ students are employed as research telephone interviewers in the CSBR Data Collection Lab. UNI student applicants must be enrolled, all applicants must show evidence of capability to master professional procedures of scientific interviewing and have good communication skills. Studies conducted by the CSBR cover many of the most exciting and relevant topics of contemporary life including public health, crime, education, and technology. Recent studies can be viewed by looking at the CSBR project list. Some of the benefits of being employed by the CSBR are:

  • Chance to work on many interesting current day studies

  • Paid training

  • Friendly work environment

  • Flexible hours

  • Higher starting wage than average campus job ($16.00)

  • Periodic raises based on time worked and performance

Student positions are sometimes available in the CSBR Data Analysis Lab and the Telephone Data Collection Lab. Both labs offer competitive wages to students and work on-campus. Check the UNI student job board for available positions.


Student Research Assistants

Annually, ~5 students are employed in the CSBR Data Analysis Lab. To qualify, undergraduates must be enrolled, have completed some coursework in basic social statistics and methods, have high grade points and be recommended by advisors or professors. Graduate students may qualify by being enrolled in a UNI masters or doctorate program, have superior preparation by coursework and experience, and be recommended by advisors or professors.  If you are interested please send your resume to