Center for Social and Behavioral Research

Federal and State Government

Text in purple indicates a link to the most recent report for that project. All reports are in .pdf format and will open in a new browser tab. 

Ongoing Projects:

Iowa Barriers to Prenatal Care (1991 - present)

Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (1995 - present)

Tobacco Use Prevention and Control Surveillance and Evaluation (2003 - present)

Gambling Treatment Outcomes Monitoring System (2006 - present)

  • Gambling Treatment Outcomes Monitoring System (2020): Full Report

BRFSS Adult and Child Asthma Cell Phone Follow-Up Pilot (2006-present)

BRFSS Cell Phone (2008-present)

Recently Completed Projects:

Pilot Study of Gambling Attitudes and Behaviors Among Iowa College Students (2013): Executive Summary and Full Report

Gambling Attitudes and Behaviors of Iowans (2013): Full Report

Completed Federal and/or State Government Projects, pre-2012 (Document)